RIFT Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with Carnival and Free Play Time

Gamers can also enjoy a new patch and gameplay tweaks

Developer and publisher Trion Worlds announces that it plans to celebrate the second anniversary of its RIFT MMO via a new Carnival event and by giving all those interested in the game some free time with it in the coming month.

The Carnival of Ascended will take place in Port Tempest, complete with “dragon pinatas and festive parades to celebrate all throughout the world of Telara.”

The game has also received an official update designed to improve the game mechanics, add an alternative Warfront mode, an anniversary cape and more options for Player versus Player gameplay.

Between March 21 and 25 gamers will also be able to play RIFT for free for the first time since the Storm Legion expansion was introduced in 2012.

From March 21 to April 4, those who subscribe to the MMO will be able to get 20 percent increases in a number of categories: Guild XP, normal kill XP or Planar Attunement, prestige, favor, planarity, dungeon currency and zone event currency.

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