Quick Look: Wastelands 2 Beta – with Gameplay Video

There's promise in the content released but technical issues are present

The first thing that a seasoned role-playing fan will do when starting Wastelands 2 will be to create his own character to use in the coming adventure and the development team at InXile shows how well it understands the classic concepts of the genre and how willing it is to give players plenty of freedom.

There are seven core attributes to distribute points between a lot of skills that can be chosen and I started my first attempt with a smart, aware Ranger who is also skilled in conversation and can work well with computers.

This is just a beta version of the game, launched in order to give backers a flavor of the experience that InXile is creating and to get necessary feedback to improve it, but the game already shows signs that it might be one of the most enjoyable experiences of 2014.

My first battle involved a giant toad that stole two weapons from the members of my party and was finally defeated by a Ranger using a knife.

The second one was against raiders who were better armed, but failed to find cover before I pumped them full of lead.

The system is pretty simple at first, but as more skills become available, the complexity level will increase.

The world of Wastelands 2 is at once familiar and mysterious and the team at InXile has managed to add a lot of flavor even to the initial battles against Raiders.

The graphics quality of Wasteland 2 can be a little disappointing at the moment, especially when it comes to the random encounters, mainly because of poor quality for the textures and the characters.

On the other hand, the user interface is well designed and the soundtrack, even if a little limited, manages to underscore the western feeling of the entire experience.

Another issue with the InXile game at this stage is that it tends to crash often, but that can hopefully be solved with help from fans.

Wasteland 2 could be a great experience, but the beta lacks the stability it needs to show the potential of the game.


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