Quick Look: Rayman Legends Online Challenges – with Gameplay Video

Can this standalone gameplay experience delight Wii U owners?

In an effort to please Nintendo Wii U owners after taking away the exclusivity of Rayman Legends from their home console, Ubisoft has now released a special standalone title called Rayman Legends Online Challenges.

The experience, which can be downloaded for free via the online eShop by all Wii U owners, features not only the demo levels seen in the trial that appeared last year, but also the new challenges.

Can these new levels provide a distraction for Wii U owners until Rayman Legends appears in late August, or do they end up failing to impress? Let's have a quick look.

The new experience starts off just like the original Rayman Legends demo, but fans can easily spot a brand new section in the game's "home-like" menu, which takes them to a new room where the challenges can be accessed.

There are two types of active challenges at any one time, in the form of a daily and a weekly competition. Each can take place on one of the four different levels, which are Murfy's Dungeon, Infinite Tower, Neverending Pit, or Land of the Livid Dead.

The challenges can also vary, as one level could task players with reaching a certain distance in the event while others reward the collection of a certain number of Lums.

Before, during, and after the challenge, the experience compares the performance of the player with those recorded by other Wii U owners from around the world. What's more, it also throws "ghosts" in the game so that you can see just what moves were performed by other people.

Sadly, this can get a bit annoying, as you can sometime lose focus of your actual character and think you're in the lead when you're actually a bit further behind.

What's more, some challenges are locked for new players, as they must first improve their "awesomeness" level before actually being able to compete in other challenges.

Check out two different challenges set on the Murfy's Dungeon level in the video above.

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