Quick Look: Party of Sin – with Gameplay Video

Play as the seven deadly sins and experience this puzzle platformer

Quite a lot of puzzle platformers have appeared in recent years as apparently the genre is witnessing the same kind of renaissance as old-school role-playing games, for example.

Besides the triple-A examples of the genre, like New Super Mario Bros. U or Rayman Legends, there have also been a lot of independent puzzle platformers, the latest of which being Party of Sin, coming from developer Crankshaft Games for the PC platform, via Steam.

With the rather unique premise of letting players control each of the seven deadly sins, represented by different characters with special abilities, and the goal of escaping travelling through the realms of Hell, Purgatory, Earth, and Heaven, the game is looking quite impressive.

Can this indie puzzle platformer deliver on its bold premise or should we cast it into the lowest circle of hell? Let's have a quick look.

Party of Sin's main selling is without a doubt the fact that you control the seven deadly sins, namely Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, and Gluttony.

Each of them are represented by different characters, ranging from a hulking brute for Wrath, to teenage Goth girl for Envy, and each have different abilities, from Wrath's physical strength to Gluttony's ability to eat his enemies whole, not to mention pieces of the scenery, like cubes.

As they progress through the game, players are soon able to control all the seven sins and freely swap between them, much like in Trine 1 or 2, which allowed players to switch between its three main characters.

The level design is pretty smart and comes with all sorts of challenges that can only be completed by knowing when to switch between your various sins.

Sadly, while the mechanics are pretty decent and the premise is quite unique, the game's visual style isn't that attractive.

Yes, the game is an independent effort coming from a studio that only made one other game besides this one (Eternal Silence), but some more polishing time for the visuals would have been worth the effort.

Worth a full Softpedia review? Yes.

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