Quick Look: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo – with Gameplay Video

The Wii U might be the best platform for the long-running series

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a video game developed and published by Capcom for the Nintendo Wii U home console and the 3DS, designed to update the core mechanics and the graphics of the very popular franchise.

The demo includes two possible hunts, allowing players to get acquainted with the main features and hunt two creatures that pose unique challenges.

The gameplay of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is pretty repetitive, as gamers explore a unique level in search of their prey, preparing battle plans for each area and going over possible ways to take it down.

Once the monster is found, the real fight begins as players spend time in order to see its exact behavior, discern patterns and then plan for the moment when they can get close and score a few hits.

It can be a long and repetitive process and there’s a lot of room for errors, as the video attached to the article can attest.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate makes good use of the new GamePad controller and its touchscreen, allowing the player to employ it in order to use items in his pouch, signal to others and launch into more complex gestures.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate looks pretty good on the Wii U, with some truly impressive environments for the player to explore, and a lot of details and animations for the main character and the monsters that he faces.

Capcom has clearly worked hard to show off that the new Nintendo device can compete with both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in terms of computing power.

The game will be launched on March 19 in the United States and three days later in Europe.

The demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate can only be played 30 times, so make sure that they all count.

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