Quick Look: Madden NFL 13 Social on Facebook

A game for true fans who have time or money to invest

Madden NFL is one of the most successful series of sports-based video games that Electronic Arts launches annually and the team behind it at EA Sports has decided to increase the appeal of the original experience by launching a socially oriented version of the game on Facebook.

Basically, the new Madden title allows players to select a team and then use it against those of their friends, choosing plays, determining which players are best suited for each move and handling tactics and training outside of the matches themselves.

There are many elements here that are taken right out of the playbook of the Ultimate Mode that has become very successful on home console in recent years, which might give a competitive edge to players who already have experience with it.

The game is well designed and moves well on Facebook, allowing the player quick access to both management and match options and arranging information using an easy to understand user interface.

Madden NFL 13 Social is designed to get money out of players and it does that by only allowing access to more plays and more energy to those who are willing to use real-world currency to buy Football Points.

Being actually successful in the game only gets the player experience, which opens up some plays as one levels up, and coins, which can never be used for extra energy and play packs.

To be really successful in Madden NFL 13 Social, a player needs either to have a lot of time on their hands or some cash they can spend in order to build up their team.

The game also depends heavily on having friends who are willing to play the games, because the computer-controlled opponents are pretty easy to defeat after you learn their routines.

Madden NFL 13 Social is also available on the iPhone and the iPad.

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