Quick Look - Hitman: Absolution – with Gameplay Video

Is Agent 47 still a capable assassin or should he retire?

Hitman games gained a loyal cult following due to their distinct emphasis on stealth and improvisation as the main character, Agent 47, had all sorts of methods to deal with his assigned targets.

With Hitman: Absolution, IO Interactive is trying to get the franchise back to its former glory with a new engine, fresh story, and the same emphasis on stealth, although there are still plenty of systems designed to help those who aren’t as smooth as Agent 47.

The game was officially released today, November 20, so it’s time to have a quick look and see if the sharply dressed assassin still has the right moves or if he stumbles while trying to evade the spotlight.

Hitman: Absolution kicks off with Diana Burnwood’s betrayal of the ICA and, seeing as how she was Agent 47’s handler for quite some time, the agency tasks the sharply dressed assassin to take her out.

You’re then thrust right in the middle of this conflict and, while it may be a bit confusing for new players, it manages to provide a decent hook and keep them interested in the plot.

In terms of gameplay, Absolution doesn’t stray too far from the mold of previous games in the series, as 47 can once again use all sorts of objects from the environment to distract enemies or take them out, besides his trusty Silverballers or the garrote wire.

You can also tap into Agent 47’s special powers by using his Instinct, which highlights objects that can be used, guards and targets, as well as their actual patrol patterns. While the whole system makes 47 feel like a supernatural assassin, veterans can easily turn these things off and do things the old fashioned way.

As always, Absolution rewards players who scour the levels with alternate methods of completing tasks, as they can find special sleeping pills that can be used to dispose of someone in a non-lethal manner or a switch that controls curtains which, when they’re pulled, alter the patrol patterns of the guards.

Overall, judging from the prologue, Hitman: Absolution is looking like a great comeback for the stealth-based series.

Check out a video with it in action above and look forward to our full review later this week.

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