Quick Look: God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta – with Gameplay Video

Two games modes to try out, one frantic experience

The development studio at Sony Santa Monica is ready to show off the multiplayer aspect of God of War: Ascension to the public and a select number of players are now able to enjoy the beta stage for the mode, which includes both team-based and solo experience.

The deathmatch involves four players and places them in a circular arena where alliances are instinctively created and disband as normal and special attacks fly around, special powers are unleashed and foot kicks throw inattentive players into the abyss.

The game is frantic and very engaging although at times I had trouble actually focusing on my direct foe because I was too scared about the positioning of the other two opponents.

There’s a little more structure to the team-based mode, which also involves clear objectives and a chance to attack the Titan Polyphemus himself.

Because teams are involved and there are objectives to control, gamers need to be careful about when they choose to fight and when the simply move around the map in order to flip control points, smash chests and generally confuse their enemies.

The team tends to generate bigger fights, with all the eight players involved at times, which lack much strategy and coordination but generate a lot of reversals, impressive combos and general mayhem.

It’s also important to always keep an eye out on the score, the locations and the actions of teammates, which can be hard in the middle of a fight.

Even a full 10 minutes after exiting the multiplayer beta of God of War: Ascension I still have a slight shake in my hands from the tension and the created adrenaline, which is a testament to the quality of the experience.

The development team is asking for feedback from all those involved in the multiplayer beta for God of War: Ascension in order to make changes to the game experience before the March 2013 launch date.

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