Quick Look: Game of Thrones Ascent – with Gameplay Video

It captures the spirit of the series well, still has some teething issues

Game of Thrones Ascent is a new title from developer Disruptor Beam that aims to take the world that R.R. Martin has created and translate it to the realm of Facebook-powered social games while keeping the core themes and flavor of the universe.

The player needs to create his own family and then manage its lands, its resources and its sworn swords in order to progress in the world of Westeros and uncover a number of adventures that are linked to the core narrative of A Song of Ice and Fire.

There are two core gameplay mechanics for Game of Thrones Ascent: conversations and adventures.

The first allows players to work with a cast of characters in order to choose how to deal with a number of situations, ranging from plots and marriages to straight up battles and trade disputes.

At certain points, adventures are launched, which allow the player to send a sworn sword, with their skills and equipment, to deal with a situation.

As the player progresses, the events grow more elaborate and require players to upgrade their forces, use a range of buildings to create new items and work together with their friends in order to succeed.

As all Facebook free-to-play titles, Game of Thrones is also set up in order to get money from the player, with a layer upgrade, items and gameplay options that are only offered to those who are willing to use real world-money in order to buy and then spend Gold Coins.

The game is still in beta stage and that means that there’s quite a bit of lag while playing it, even when dealing with something as simple as conversation options, and that there are moments when certain mechanics, like inviting other players to a quest, do not work as advertised.

Worth a full Softepdia review? Facebook-based games tend to stay in beta for a long time, but if Game of Thrones ever gets a full launch, then yes.

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