Quick Look: Far Cry 3 – With Gameplay Video

Is this new shooter a great experience or should it be stranded on an island?

One of the last big shooters of the year is Far Cry 3, the latest installment in Ubisoft's stunning series that relies both on gorgeous graphics but also on novel new mechanics and stories filled with philosophical aspects.

Far Cry 3 sticks close to these core principles, putting players in the shoes of Jason, a young guy who arrives on Rook island to party with his friends but is quickly kidnapped by a gang of pirates led by the savage Vass.

With the promise of great graphics, a plot that centers around insanity, and a huge open world filled with opportunities, Far Cry 3 is looking pretty good. Does it manage to deliver or should it remain stranded on an island? Let's have a quick look.

Far Cry kicks off with a brief montage of Jason, his two brothers, and their friends partying hard on a tropical island.

Things quickly turn sour, as Vaas and his crew of pirates manage to capture the young people and are now waiting to ransom them to their parents. Jason's brother, Grant, decides to use his Army experience and escape the camp.

Things once again don't go as planned and Jason is now forced to escape Vaas' dangerous mercenaries. Luckily, he meets up with a local, Dennis, who shares with him the torment endured by the island's inhabitants under the tyranny of Vaas.

This is where the game actually starts, as you're now forced to live the warrior's life by exploring the island, hunting animals, foraging plants and, most importantly, taking down Vaas in order to find your remaining friends.

In terms of shooting, Far Cry 3 is quite solid and its open world is sprawling, to say the least. There are all sorts of activities scattered throughout the island and, besides the main quest, you can enjoy many other missions.

Couple this variety of activities with the skill tree mechanic and the crafting one, and you can easily say that Far Cry 3 is a role-playing game.

You can check out the game in action in the video above.

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