Quick Look: Death Inc. Demo – with Gameplay Video

Painting violet trails for deadly plague bearers to follow

Death Inc. is a video game that is currently being developed by Ambient Studios and is currently aiming to get resources via the Kickstarter crowd-funding service. The team is now launching a demo version of the game in order to increase interest and contributions.

The core concept of Death Inc. is very easy: players are the plague, sweeping England during Medieval times with the twist that all those who are infected come back in order to further spread the disease.

It’s basically a zombie apocalypse that’s player controlled, with a suitably skeletal hand used to guide plagued citizens around by drawing trails of beautiful purplish haze.

The final goal is to overcome the entire population of an area, fighting the increasingly powerful military units enforcing the quarantine and finally getting to the Noble and taking him down.

There’s also the option of concentrating all followers by keeping the left mouse button pushed down.

The developers of Death Inc. are smart to make the control a little bit fuzzy, with some plague carriers getting stuck in the scenery and some failing to follow the trail.

The strategy element of the game is interesting but the difficulty is pretty low, with success guaranteed as long as the gamer is able to concentrate his forces on the most powerful enemy and then increase his numbers by running down the villagers.

Death Inc. has an interesting core idea but it’s not yet clear how it can be expanded to power a game and provide a serious challenge.

Ambient Studios is making it clear that the demo is based on a pre-alpha version of the game, which means that much can be changed and added until the full game is launched.

Death Inc. still has two weeks to go on Kickstarter and needs another 240,000 dollars (183,000 Euro) to meet its goal.

Worth a full Softpedia review? It depends on the Kickstarter funding effort.

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