Quick Look: Dead Space 3 Demo – with Gameplay Video

Is the new survival action game a worthy entry in the franchise?

Dead Space 1 and 2 delivered some great experiences over the years, managing to keep the old survival action genre alive by delivering atmospheric gameplay, impressive visuals, and a pretty decent story that focused on space engineer Isaac Clarke and his fight against the deadly Necromorphs.

Now, with Dead Space 3, developer Visceral Games wants to continue Clarke's story while adding quite a lot of new features, including the possibility of playing through the story campaign cooperatively alongside a buddy.

While the full game will be released next month, a demo has just appeared for the Xbox 360, so we decided to try it out and see if it's an evolution of the series or a step into the wrong direction.

Dead Space 3 continues the story of the previous one but jumps a bit forward, as Isaac Clarke is now stranded on the icy planet of Tau Volantis and must find Ellie, the woman who helped rescue him in the last title.

Gameplay-wise you'll still get the same experience, as it's a third person shooter in which you need to fight against deadly aliens that only die once you chop off their various hands, feet, and other appendages.

This time, however, loot is much more present and varied, as instead of picking up medkits or ammo Clarke can also scavenge scrap metal as well as components that can be used in the all-new weapon crafting mechanic.

Speaking of crafting, the Bench system has been overhauled to not only upgrade existing weapons but also to modify them by adding new accessories and components.

In terms of visuals, things have also been improved, although largely because the dark and twisted corridors from the first two games have been replaced with more open areas, at least judging from the ones present in the demo.

The free trial also supports the cooperative mode but, rather surprising, the game doesn't allow for local split-screen play, meaning both you and your buddy need to have different consoles, copies of the game, and, when it comes to the Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Check out the Dead Space 3 demo in action in the video above.

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