Quick Look: Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta PC – with Gameplay Video

Can the two modes in the test phase get players interested in the full game?

After releasing lots of gorgeous videos and impressive screenshots, Crytek has finally launched the open multiplayer beta for its upcoming Crysis 3 shooter.

Available across the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 right now, we decided to take the trial for a run and see if the two modes offered by the beta – Hunter and Crash Site – are enough to get people interested in the final game.

Did Crysis 3's beta manage to get us excited about the new sci-fi shooter or did it put us in "maximum boredom" mode? Let's have a quick look.

Crysis 3's beta stage gives participants access to two modes from the multiplayer experience of the upcoming shooter.

The first we got to try out was Crash Site, in which two opposing teams explore a level and try to secure the areas surrounding different alien pods, in hopes of scoring special weapons.

As you can imagine, this is easier said than done and the whole experience is quite frantic, to say the least. Even so, it's quite fun and should definitely offer a better experience than the traditional Team Deathmatch mode.

Sadly, some players consider get caught up trying to hunt and kill enemies and forget about actually holding the objective, which leaves those who do reach the alien crash site undefended against their attackers.

Besides Crash Site, there's the all-new Hunter mode, which pits 14 CELL troopers against 2 Nanosuit-powered soldiers that are permanently cloaked. Once a soldier kills a trooper, he respawns wearing a Nanosuit, so it's a race for survival for the CELL players while the Hunters need to search the map in order to eliminate them before they timer runs out.

This is quite an experience, as it's nerve-wracking, while playing as a human, and a bit annoying, while playing as a Hunter. As the former, you need to decide if you're just going to hide or if you're going to fight, while as the latter you need to scour the level carefully, yet in a fast manner before the timer runs out.

Overall, both modes have their pros and cons but, seeing as how the multiplayer beta is open to all, you can try it out and pick your favorite.

Until then, check out a gameplay video with the two modes above.

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