Quick Look: Brutal Legend on PC – with Gameplay Video

Does this hack and slash strategy game transition well onto the PC?

After many years and a lengthy wait, Double Fine Production has finally delivered Brutal Legend, its first attempt at a proper triple-A game, from the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles onto the PC platform, by self-publishing it on Steam.

We decided to try the game and see how this diamond in the rough has aged and how it fares on the PC platform as opposed to the consoles.

Can this ambitious game find new life on the PC or should it be forgotten? Let's have a quick look.

Brutal Legend was set to deliver a top-notch hack and slash experience that threw players in the shoes of a rock and roll fan called Eddie, who was transported into a mythical land of rock and heavy metal. The actual game, however, was much more than just a simple hack and slash action title, as it also emphasized real-time strategy and tactical battles.

While this disappointed some people, others applauded Double Fine for trying to innovate, while criticizing it over the fact that it didn't mention the strategy aspects at all during the marketing campaign.

Now, on the PC, fans know what they're getting into – a game that originally appeared in 2009 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that's finally been ported on the computer platform.

While the graphics in the cinematic cut scenes haven't exactly aged well, the actual visuals during gameplay are pretty decent, considering 4 years have passed.

The mouse and keyboard control scheme is quite good and translates well into the hack and slash gameplay early on. For the musical sequences, players will have to alternate between pressing the 1, 2, 3, or 4 keys.

There are, however, some glitches, like button prompts that don't appear in tutorial cards, or character models that stutter during cut scenes.

The sound is also of a lower quality, at least in some sequences, so you'll have to turn up the volume to understand what's happening.

Even so, Brutal Legend is still a pretty good game that should certainly be experienced by Double Fine fans.

Check out its opening sequences on the PC platform in the gameplay video above.

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