Quick Look: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – with Gameplay Video

A look at the new content linked to the Black Pits

The first and second Baldur’s Gate titles have been two of the most important titles in my evolution as a gamer, so the fact that Overhaul Games and Beamdog are aiming to remake them for current PCs and tablets was a great piece of news.

One of the new elements included in the game is The Black Pits, pretty much a separate game mode which is designed for those who want to test their tactical combat skills against a variety of enemies as they control the progress of six characters.

The Pits consist of a neutral area where players can level up, check out skills and get equipment before the drow that imprisoned them takes the party to an arena and launches groups of monsters against them.

The fact that I chuckled a few times during the first five minutes of playing Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is a clear sign that the writing is solid in the new content, even if the voice work is a little over the top at times.

I then proceeded to do so some shopping and jumped into the arena, where the familiar mechanics of tactical action role-playing games washed over me like a summer rain.

I only played a few waves during my session, but synergies between the various members of the party were crucial in order to defeat enemies, especially as their quality escalates.

I also played a little of the core story mode for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition and I am happy to report that it runs great on my modern PC, even if the graphics quality might bother some players, especially if they choose to zoom in.

I look forward to seeing how the newly introduced characters can be integrated with my standard party and if the voice acting improves over time.

Worth a full Softpedia review? Yes.

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