Project Shield Demo Features Borderlands 2 Streaming

Gamers will be able to enjoy high-quality graphics on the move

The development team at Nvidia working on the Project Shield handheld console is keen to show off the various features of the new device, starting with the impressive streaming capabilities it will offer.

The team uses Borderlands 2, streamed via a gaming PC, to demo how players can use the handheld in order to get a personalized gaming experience away from their computer.

The developers at Nvidia explain that they are using a “GeForce GTX 680-enabled PC. Graphics settings are cranked all the way up with full 60fps performance.”

Shield is designed as a dedicated gaming handheld which also allows gamers to play the their favorite PC titles using high-quality graphics.

Project Shield was shown during CES 2013 for the first time and did not receive a clear launch date or a price point.

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