Project Godus Receives Multiplayer Prototype Video

The first match was played by two members of the development team

The 22Cans-created Project Godus has received a new gameplay prototype just as the Kickstarter process enters its final days, with gamers able to see the actual game in action, although in a preliminary form.

The team is also giving fans a chance to take a look at the concept for the updated volcano power and is urging them to pledge in order to get the game funded in time.

At the moment, Project Godus has managed to raise more than 413,000 British pounds (671,000 dollars) from a little over 13,000 players and it needs to reach 450,000 British pounds, about 731,000 dollars (551,000 Euro).

The game will take the core gameplay mechanics of the old Populous series, which Peter Molyneux created, and update them in order to appeal to modern gamers, while also adding multiplayer options.

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