Project Godus Reaches Funding Objective, Gets Stretch Goals

The game might get more content and an Ouya launch

The 22Cans-developed Project Godus is now over the official funding goal for its Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and there are a number of new stretch goals that gamers can now contribute to in the remaining time.

There are a little over 40 hours left at the moment to give the Peter Molyneux-led team more resources.

The extra goals include: more single-player and multiplayer game modes, a new option for players to create sects, getting BAFTA winner James Leach to write the story for Project Godus, a cooperative multiplayer mode and first-person world crafting.

The final goal would see the game launch on Linux and Ouya.

Project Godus aims to use the classic game mechanics from Populous while making them palatable for a modern audience and until now, more than 14,500 have been interested enough to fund the game.

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