Project Godus Crowdfunding Hampered by Molyneux Wealth Assumptions

The new game aims to replicate the ideas of Populous

Peter Molyneux, the leader of developer 22Cans, believes that the Kickstarter process for Project Godus is impaired by a belief that he is a wealthy individual and he can foot the bill for game development without appealing to the fans.

The developer tells Kotaku that, “I certainly don’t have enough money to fund 22 Cans for all time. I’ve used a lot of my money to fund the company in March of this year, and to recruit probably the best team that I’ve ever worked with and to release Curiosity but like all resources they’re finite.”

At the moment Project Godus is still more than one third short of its official funding goal of 450,000 British pounds, about 729,000 dollars (553,000 Euro) and has just three days left to get the missing amount.

Project Godus is designed to upgrade the mechanics of classic titles like Populous.

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