Project Eternity Update Shows Godlike, Talks Animation

The team is getting ready to deliver more information on art style

Rob Nesler, the art director working on Project Eternity, delivers a technology-focused update for the old-school party-based role-playing game, while also offering fans a quick look at one of the races of the coming title.

The Godlike race will be one of the most powerful factions in Project Eternity and players will interact with a small number of them during their adventures.

The developer states, “Some of you professed extensive knowledge of rigging and skinning, as well as profound disappointment in my patronizing tone, and demanded to be better informed of this horribly complex facet of game development.”

The rest of the update is fairly technical and talks about the various aspects in which characters will be animated and the amount of work that the team is doing in this area of the game.

Project Eternity was funded via Kickstarter and will be launched during 2014.

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