Project Eternity Receives First Art Assets

The team emphasizes that all of them have Work in Progress status

The development team at Obsidian is offering fans of the new Project Eternity role-playing game a chance to take a look at the first art assets that have been produced during the development process and offer feedback on the future style of the game.

Rob Nesler, who is the art director working on Project Eternity, emphasizes that all the images he has posted on the official forums of the game are still being worked on and do not reflect the final quality of the game.

The update goes in depth with the process of creating art assets for a role-playing game and offers a fascinating look at how the Obsidian team is approaching Project Eternity and the long road that goes from mental image to a finished rendered screenshot.

Nesler states, “The traversable environment is pre-rendered to a high degree of realism, but we’re using a modern 3D game engine: Unity, for 3D characters, creatures, effects and animated props to be rendered in real-time and to assemble it all together, seamlessly.”

This gives the team a chance to offer visual fidelity while also delivering effects like physics, lighting and occlusion.

The tone the art director uses is fairly humorous and sometimes obscures the actual amount of work required.

Nesler has also revealed that other members of the art team are currently creating basic game systems, which will allow items to be attached to characters and create animations that will be used in Project Eternity.

The new Obsidian game is being funded using contributions from fans gathered via PayPal and the Kickstarter service.

The role-playing game will be party-based and will see the player create a protagonist, recruit companions and then explore a complex game world that is being built from scratch.

The game will be launched during April 2014.


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