Project Eternity Has No Weight Limit, Splits Character Inventory

Gamers will have to decide what to take in their adventures

Obsidian says that it plans to introduce a new set of mechanics to inventory management in the upcoming Project Eternity designed to make the stack of items more manageable while also adding a strategic aspect to the experience.

Josh Sawyer and Tim Cain want to give players instant access to the equipment that a character is using, including different weapon set-ups, while allowing the top of the sack section to be evaluated and used only outside of combat.

The stash represents the rest of the collected items, which can only be accessed in camps, the character home and other equivalent locations.

The three-part inventory decision has been made in order to allow the team to eliminate weight limits while also introducing other ways to limit what a gamer can carry into battle.

Josh Sawyer adds, “Most importantly, it doesn't prevent you from doing what adventurers love to do most: loot everything they find that isn't bolted down.”

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