Project Eternity Gets to 4.3 Million Dollars (3.279 Million Euro) in Player Funding

Gamers can still pre-order and get access to game keys

The development team at Obsidian says that its Project Eternity crowd-funding effort has managed to get to 4.3 million dollars (3.279 million Euro) just as the company has closed down all the early purchase options for the coming role-playing game.

The official statement from the studio says, “A huge and humble thank you to everyone who has supported Project Eternity over the past few months! We’re overwhelmed by the over $4.3 million dollars raised to create the project, and we’ll continue to be hard at work to get the game ready for everyone in 2014.”

The team received money via a very successful Kickstarter drive and those who missed out were then able to contribute using PayPal.

Obsidian is already working hard on Project Eternity, with the latest update talking about the early stages of art style creation.

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