Project Eternity Gets Weapon System Details

Players will choose between slashing, piercing and crushing

Project Eternity might be more than one and a half years from launch but the development team at Obsidian is already prepared to talk about the details of the weapon system and the way armor will figure into the player’s calculations.

In traditional role-playing game manner, Obsidian plans to introduce three types of core weapons: slashing, to take out unarmored enemies, piercing, which ignores some armor, and crushing, designed to deal with tough opponents.

The team is not entirely satisfied with how the system works at the moment and more updates are promised as progress is made.

Josh Sawyer, the project director on Project Eternity, says, “We will continue to experiment with this to see how it feels in the long run. Our goals are to provide tactical challenges to the player and give them to feedback and tools to adapt and overcome when they're in a difficult spot.”

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