“Primordia” Post-Apocalyptic Adventure in Steam Greenlight, Up for Pre-Order

The game is struggling to get on Steam, so you might want to vote for it

The folks at Wormwood Studios have just announced that their next game, “Primordia,” is now available for pre-order at its online store for $9/€7 DRM-free.

It appears that Steam has decided not to take this indie game under its wing and has recommended developers to go through its Project Greenlight and let players say if it’s worth it or not.

All in all, Wormwood Studios is now offering players interested in their upcoming “Primordia” title the chance to pre-purchase the DRM-free version, which is expected to launch on December 5.

“Primordia” is an interesting indie point-and-click adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world mostly populated by machines.

Players will take the role of Horatio Nullbuit, a robot that spends most of his time studying the Book of Man, trying to discover clues about his origins.

For more details on “Primordia” check out the game’s dedicated site and make sure you vote for it on Project Greenlight if you want to see it on Steam.

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