Preferred Status Old Republic Players Get More Quickbars

Star Wars fans will also get access to more character slots

The BioWare development team in charge of the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is making changes to the way Preferred Status players are being treated, in order to reward those who are actually willing to pay to get access to the full game experience.

At the moment, the player group will get access to four default Quickbars, up from two, and those who have bought them will get a refund.

In the near future, gamers will also get another four character slots to reach a total of six.

Preferred Status is awarded to those who play the game for free at the moment, but have previously purchased Star Wars: The Old Republic or have bought something using a micro-transaction.

The official statement from BioWare reads: “One of the most important things to us is to hear player feedback on their game experience. Our community team truly has an ear to the ground with community concerns and discussions and we often make changes based on player feedback.”

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