Pre-loading for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Has Begun

The game is available via stand-alone installer or Beamdog's client

Beamdog and Overhaul Games have just announced Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is now available for preload.

Even though players will be able to download and install it, the game will only unlock on November 28. According to Beamdog, it will take less than a week for the company to “flip their patent-pending mega-switch.”

Those who have yet to purchase the game can found it here for only $20/€15. However, RPG fans who already pre-ordered Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition can now download and install it by choosing one of the two options available.

The game can be downloaded and installed with a stand-alone installer, which can be found here, or through the Beamdog client, which can be obtained here.

Those who already installed the Beamdog client will need to exit it and restart the app to get a client update.

Devs also advise players to have some patience as it might take several minutes for download to begin due to the extremely high volume of people hurrying to grab the game.

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