Pre-Purchase “Don't Starve” via Steam for 20% Off and Get an Extra Copy

The indie game is expected to arrive in early 2013

The folks at Klei Entertaiment, creators of Mark of the Ninja stealth-based game, are back with another title, “Don't Starve.”

Although this is a work in progress, the game has been listed on Steam and is now available for purchase for 20%. Check it out here.

Those who pre-purchase “Don't Starve” will gain instant access to the Beta on Steam and will also receive an extra copy of the game which they can send to a friend.

According to Klei Entertainment, the game is slated for an early 2013 release, though there are no exact launch dates available for the moment.

“Don't Starve” is an indie adventure game that will allow players to explore a strange world full weird creatures, dangers and surprises.

The description of the game sounds even more “threatening,” but tempting at the same time: there will be no instructions, no help, no hand holding. Stay tuned for more info on this title.

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