Port Royale 3: New Adventures DLC Now Live on Steam

The new expansion pack can be purchased for only €4.49

Port Royale 3 has just gotten its third DLC dubbed New Adventures. Gaming Minds and Kalypso Media have just announced the immediate availability of the expansion pack via Steam.

Those who already own the base game can now purchase Port Royale 3: New Adventures DLC for only €4.49. Check it out here.

The new DLC adds five new scenarios and Ironman mode for very hardcore players. In addition, the new update also includes a ranking system with a global online-high-score-list for normal as well as Ironman mode.

In Port Royale 3: New Adventures DLC, players “will help the city of Corpus Christi in ‘The Ascension of Christi’ to become rich and well-respected within a short time.” Furthermore, they have ‘to organize the biggest party the Caribbean has ever seen in ‘The Big Party’.”

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