Pong Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Giant Version in Kansas City

It is widely seen as the first commercial video game

Pong, which is widely believed to be the first commercial video game project, will turn 40 years old on November 29 and, in order to celebrate, the team that owns the intellectual property at publisher Atari has taken part in the City Lights festival in Kansas City.

The company has created a giant version of the tennis simulation for the public event and it has secured a nomination for Largest Game of Pong from the Guinness World Records organization.

Take a look at the video attached to this article to see how modern and huge Pong plays.

The Pong concept was very simple when the game was first launched, simply aiming to allow two players to go head to head using simple 2D tennis mechanics, but the game has proved a hit and many see it as the main reason for the modern success of video games.

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