Pokemon TCG: Black & White Gets Team Plasma Cards

Gamers will be able to play using more than 130 cards

Pokemon USA and Nintendo announce that they are getting ready to launch the Plasma Storm expansion for their Pokemon TCG: Black & White, with a complement of 130 new cards which will open up new options for veteran players and will give newcomers more ways to get into the game.

The expansion will include:

- Team Plasma cards

- 14 new trainer cards, including three ACE SPEC cards that offer new unique game mechanics and design;

- eight new Pokemon-EX cards and four full art Pokémon-EX rare Ultra cards

- a total of 130 cards in all

A visit to the official website offers more information on the current state of Pokemon TCG: Black & White and on the coming content.

Pokemon TCG: Black & White will receive the Plasma Cards on February 6 of next year.

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