Player-Made Halo 4 Maps Coming in Two Weeks

Gamers can continue to use the Forge to add more content

The development team at 343 Industries says that it plans to introduce the best maps created by the player community to the multiplayer side of Halo 4 in about two weeks, although a clear date will be announced later.

Jessica Shea, the leader of Halo Waypoint, has stated via her official Twitter that, “We're tentatively planning on adding applicable maps in two weeks.”

343 Industries has delivered an impressive Forge map creation suite to players and has encouraged them to explore the limits of traditional design.

Only the best community-created maps will be added to official multiplayer lists and their introduction will probably encourage developers to create even more.

In the meantime, players will be able to enjoy the second half of the initial season for the Spartan Ops cooperative mode for Halo 4.

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