PlayStation Vita Won't Get a Price Cut in North America or Europe

The PS Vita isn't going to be discounted anywhere except Japan

Sony won't make a price cut for the PlayStation Vita in territories like North America or Europe, even if its Japanese division made a considerable discount for the mobile platform earlier this week.

The PS Vita isn't a big success for Sony, so the company has tried to promote it in a variety of ways.

After the Japanese division of the company implemented a recent price cut for the Vita, many were expecting the company to announce a similar move in other territories like North America or Europe.

Sadly, that won't happen, as Sony's Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida told Joystiq that the PS Vita won't get a price in other regions of the world.

When asked to motivate such a decision, Yoshida cited the exchange rate, as implementing any price cut would result in much lower profits for the Japanese corporation.

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