PlayStation Vita Hits 2.2 Million Units Sold

Sony unveiled more games that will boost the new handheld

Video game hardware maker Sony has announced that it has managed to sell 2.2 million units of the PlayStation Vita handheld before June 30 of this year, after the device managed to sell 1.8 million at the end of May of this year.

The pace of sales seems to be slowing down, which is bad news for Sony, but the company plans to increase the attractiveness of its device during the coming Christmas shopping season.

During Gamescom 2012, Sony revealed a number of Vita exclusive games, including Tearaway, the new game from Media Molecule, Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, Killzone Mercenary and Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified.

Sony has emphasized repeatedly that it is satisfied with the pace of sales of the Vita and that it has plans to make the device a bigger hit in the coming months.

The hardware maker also revealed that it currently has no plans to cut the price of its device.

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