PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 2.11 Now Available for Download

The new software brings stability improvements and corrects playback errors for games

The PlayStation Vita's software has just been updated to version 2.11 and the new firmware is now available for download around the world, bringing a few system stability fixes for bugs that surfaced after the release of firmware 2.10.

Sony is still confident in the PS Vita, despite its relatively low sales figures, and the company is still continuously updating the device with new features via fresh software.

The latest firmware update, 2.11, has just gone live and owners of the portable console can download it for free once their console is connected to the internet.

The new software brings certain system stability improvements and eliminates any errors relating to the playback of some titles, according to CVG.

Sony released a major update last week, in the form of firmware 2.10, which added many big features to the console, including the ability to set up folders filled with applications or games.

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