PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 2.01 Out Now, Fixes Cloud Save Bug

The new software should allow PS Plus members to upload save files to the cloud

Sony has officially released firmware 2.01 for the PlayStation Vita handheld console, fixing a bug that related to the Cloud Saving functionality that's offered to PlayStation Plus members on the portable device.

The PS Vita got update 2.00 for its software last month and it added a wide variety of new features, from an improved browser to support for the PlayStation Plus premium subscription and all of its services.

Sadly, one Plus service, the Cloud Saving function, didn't work as intended, so Sony was forced to quickly confirm that a new firmware update was coming to remedy this issue.

Now, firmware 2.01 for the PS Vita has been released, according to the official website, and it fixes the cloud saving bug, meaning Plus members can now upload their save game files to the cloud from their Vita platform.

You can now download it via the built-in firmware updater from the PS Vita.

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