PlayStation Vita Firmware Update 2.00 Out Today, November 20

The new software brings PlayStation Plus support and changes the browser

Sony has begun rolling out a new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, taking it to version 2.00 and bringing a variety of changes and features, including support for the PlayStation Plus service.

The PS Vita hasn’t been selling all that well in recent months, but Sony wants to get people interested in the console by releasing its latest firmware update, which takes the Vita’s software to version 2.00.

Among the main features of the new firmware is the support for Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service, which means access to the free Instant Game Collection and other such features.

What’s more, Sony’s Worldwide Studios boss also confirmed on Twitter that the new update brings some improvements to the web browser, which is now classified as a small app and can be opened while a game is actually running.

Before the update, if PS Vita owners wanted to browse the web while playing, they needed to quit the game before starting up the web browser.

The new update should be rolling out today, November 20, to PS Vita devices in North America and tomorrow, November 21, in Europe and the rest of the world.

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