PlayStation Store Redesign Now Live in North America

The new interface for the marketplace is now available for everyone

Sony has just unleashed the redesigned PlayStation Store in North America, finally allowing PlayStation 3 users in that region to experience the new and improved online marketplace.

The PS Store is becoming more and more important to Sony’s digital-focused strategy and, in order to make it that much more user friendly, the Japanese company rolled out a redesigned interface last month across its PAL region, including Europe, Australia, or New Zealand.

Sadly, due to some glitches and problems, Sony was forced to postpone the release of the new UI in other territories like North or Latin America.

Now, however, the company has finally released the redesigned PS Store in North America.

The next time PS3 owners access it, according to Joystiq, they’ll be asked to download a 26MB file that will update their PlayStation Store experience. Once that’s installed, they’ll be sent right into the redesigned marketplace.

What do you think of this new PlayStation Store? Does the redesign make surfing its content easier or more complex?

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