PlayStation Store Patch 1.05 Now Available for Download, Speed Improvements Reported

The new update apparently improves the interface of the marketplace

Sony has just released a brand new patch for its PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 platform, which apparently increases the speed of the user interface significantly.

Ever since Sony launched an overhauled version of its PlayStation Store marketplace, users have complained of the slow interface and the big number of loading screens they need to go through before being allowed to download things.

Now, another update has appeared for the PlayStation Store, in the form of patch 1.05, which will be automatically downloaded the next time you start the PS Store application.

There are no official details about the update, but some NeoGAF users are reporting that the interface is much smoother and faster after installing the patch.

As of yet, Sony hasn't acknowledged the update for the PlayStation Store, so expect to hear some official info in the very near future.

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