PlayStation Store Can Now Be Browsed from a Computer

Check out new content on a PC and then download it via your console

Sony has just confirmed that the PlayStation Store can now be browsed from any computer with an active internet connection, allowing owners of PlayStation 3, PS Vita, or PSP consoles to browse and select the content they want for their devices.

The PlayStation Store has become a pivotal feature for Sony's different platforms, as it allows owners access to all sorts of content, from full-fledged games, to smaller titles, as well as DLC, music, or movies.

Now, in order to make browsing the PS Store even easier, Sony has confirmed that PSN account holders can now browse the online marketplace via a computer.

All they need to do is visit Sony's Entertainment Network website, log in with their PSN accounts, and browse the different content. Once they buy something, it will be added to the "My Downloads" section in the PS Store, from where you can get it via the PS3, PS Vita, or PSP.

Check out a video of the store in action above.

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