PlayStation Store App Gets Updated to Version 1.02, Has More Responsive Menus

A brand new patch should make the PS Store's interface feel faster

Sony has just patched its PlayStation Store application for PlayStation 3 owners, making some key improvements to its interface that should reduce the lag and loading times reported by customers.

The PlayStation Store received a big redesign last year that completely changed the interface of the online marketplace.

Sadly, while the new store was quite attractive, it was filled with loading times and required going through multiple screens until you could actually download any type of content.

Now, after patching it last year, a brand new update has appeared for the PS Store application, according to El33tonline, which weighs in at 26MB and apparently adds a much needed dose of speed to the store's interface.

The update, which takes it to version 1.02, should also reduce the amount of loading screens and errors displayed by the marketplace.

You can download the patch by starting the PS Store from the PS3's menu and making sure that your console is connected to the internet.

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