PlayStation Plus Coming to PS4 with Free Games, Required for Online Multiplayer

The service is bringing free PS4 games but is mandatory for multiplayer access

After showing off the first PlayStation 4 images, confirming that the next-gen console supports used games, and pinning a price on the PS4, Sony has revealed that the PlayStation Plus premium service is going to be present on the PS4, as well as on the PS3 and PS Vita.

The PS Plus service was released a few years ago, but only in the past 12 months did the service take off thanks to the huge Instant Game Collection feature, which brings free games for paying subscribers.

What's more, the PS Plus service on the PS4 will come with one free game, in the form of a special version of Drive Club, and will receive various free indie games for the PS4 every month.

Unfortunately, there's also a major change as opposed to the current PS3 online setup: PS Plus will be mandatory for those that want to engage in multiplayer.

No other concrete details have been given so expect to hear more soon.

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