PlayStation Network Maintenance Continues Until 10 PM GMT

Some users are talking a potential security breach

Sony once again delayed the resumption of service on the PlayStation Network, which is expected to be back to full functionality after 10 PM Greenwich Mean Time, more than 22 hours after the process initially began.

The official Twitter message, this time coming from the European account, states, “Apologies for the inconvenience, but we are now not expecting PSN maintenance to conclude until around 10.00pm GMT.”

Once again, Sony has not offered a clear reason for the delay.

Fans speculating are talking about an unexpected security breach, which might be similar to the incident that took out the PSN for quite some time in 2011.

The more sensible version is that Sony is just taking its time to make sure that it upgrades the infrastructure in order to support the new features added to the PSN and its attached store.

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