PlayStation Network Is Down Due to DDoS Attack UPDATED

Sony's PSN is currently undergoing maintenance after being the target of a hacker group

At the time of writing, the PlayStation Network is offline due to a DDoS attack from an online group.

Sony’s PlayStation Network is inaccessible to PlayStation users, and a group called LizardSquad is claiming responsibility for the deed.

Furthermore, it seems that more than the Japanese hardware and software-making corporation has been the target of such attacks, as a wave of DDoS attempts have been reported all around the Internet.

ShackNews reports that Riot Games’ League of Legends, Grinding Gear’s Path of Exile and Blizzard Entertainment’s service have also been attacked, although the games are now fully playable, as the attacks seems to have shifted completely toward PSN.

PSN is offline and Sony has confirmed that it was under DDoS attack and that it is now undergoing maintenance. The PSN outage is not related to the scheduled maintenance, set for Monday morning.

For the time being, the situation seems to be much less serious than back in 2011, when the company experienced a large-scale DDoS attack for not allowing users to install third-party software on the PlayStation 3, and pursuing legal action against individuals who wanted to help people unlock their machines.

Now it seems that Sony’s greed and questionable business ethic are once again cited as the reason for the ongoing attack.


The official PlayStation support Twitter account mentions that Sony personnel is  "working to fix the issue as soon as possible," and that there is no time frame for when service will be restored.

Additionally, there is currently no information that would point to any confidential user data having been exposed during the attack.

Update 2:

In the meantime, Sony has confirmed that no personal information was accessed during the DDoS attacks on PSN, and has assured users that it's working in order to fix the connectivity issues as soon as possible.

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