PlayStation Line Sells 1.1 Million in 3 Months, PSP and Vita Reach 0.6 Million, Says Sony

Financial results will improve after PlayStation 4 launch

Sony announces that during the recent quarter, which ended on June 30, it has managed to sell 1.1 million units of the PlayStation 3 and the PS2 home console and a combined 600,000 units for the PlayStation Portable and the Vita.

The company says that its financial results were basically the same when compared to the equivalent period of 2012, even if it has needed to invest large resources into the creation of the coming PlayStation 4 home console.

Many gamers were waiting to see the sales data for the Vita handheld but Sony is not willing to separate them from those of the PSP.

The company has managed to deliver 64 million game units to players during the three-month period.

Sony expects to see an increase in both revenue and profit for the fiscal year that ends on March 31 of 2014, after the PlayStation 4 is launched.

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