PlayStation Home Gets A Game About Bouncing Arcade Cabinet

Sony wants more developers to deliver content for the social space

The development team at Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket and the team at Sony in charge of the PlayStation Home social space have announced that players are now able to log in and then play a new arcade cabinet game, called A Game About Bouncing.

The game is arcade-oriented and will ask players to keep a ball bouncing from a series of objects to another while avoiding a variety of obstacles.

The project was first shown during a game jam and was then called Dyad before being launched on the PlayStation Home.

Sony has added leaderboards for the game and there are also chances to unlock custom items for their personal avatar.

The PlayStation Home was launched by Sony in late 2008 and was designed to offer those using the PS3 a chance to group together, interact, watch new content and play a number of exclusive games.

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