PlayStation Home Creators Trademark BigFest Social Space

The new service might be designed for next-gen consoles

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe wants to get a trademark for a new application called BigFest, which is designed by the same team in London that also created the PlayStation Home social space.

The official trademark filing, obtained by IGN, talks about BigFest being able to host “on-line web facilities for interactive game play; hosting web sites of others for video and computer games or parts of video and computer games created by others on a computer server for a global computer network.”

The same document goes on to mention social networking services, primarily based on multiplayer games and a professional competitive system.

It’s unclear how BigFest might differ from Home or whether the new application will be integrated in the older PlayStation social network.

Sony might also be preparing the trademarked service as a long-term replacement linked to its next generation of home console.

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