PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Offer More Power, Says Gearbox Leader

The two new consoles benefitted from developer feedback

Randy Pitchford, the outspoken leader of developer Gearbox, says that he is really excited about the potential offered by the newly announced PlayStation 4 from Sony and by the yet unannounced Xbox 720 from Microsoft.

Gamespot reports that the developer believes that the extra power introduced by the next generation of home consoles will allow his team to create more complex experiences.

He also praises Sony for the fact that it consulted with developers during the creation of the PlayStation 4 and listened to their feedback.

Pitchford also says, “I’m excited about some other things, too, that I can’t talk about yet.”

The PlayStation 4 is expected to arrive before the Christmas shopping season and Microsoft will make an official announcement about the Xbox 720 during an event set for late April.

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