PlayStation 4 Will Output 4K Video, Not for Video Games

The quality might be improved later during the life cycle of the console

Shuhei Yoshida, one of the leaders of Sony, says that the coming PlayStation 4 gaming console will be able to output video at the 4K quality standard, but that it will not be able to do so for video games.

The executive tells Joystiq that 4K for video will be available at launch and is designed to show off the processing power of the PlayStation 4.

The standard is still in its early days, with a number of 4K television sets shown at the recent CES 2013 event, and prices are still a little too high for mainstream gamers.

It’s not yet clear whether Sony has plans to introduce the 4K standard for video game output during the life time of the PlayStation 4.

We have here a full rundown of the hardware specifications for the PlayStation 4 available.

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