PlayStation 4 Will Get New Features After E3 2014 – Report

Sony wants to keep the hardware platform competitive with the Xbox One

It seems that the PlayStation 4 home console from Sony will get a host of new features, designed to make it more attractive to potential customers, as soon as the E3 2014 trade event finishes next week.

The information comes from the Twitter feed of Tidux, a source that has been known to make accurate predictions about the game world.

He did not offer any sorts of details on the new features that are being added to the PlayStation 4 and Sony has not offered any sort of comment.

A firmware update, labeled 1.71, was recently launched for the device, which might mean that the post E3 2014 features might involve something bigger than simple software tweaks.

At the moment, most users of the PlayStation 4 are asking Sony to deliver playback for more types of sound files, a way to manage downloads and simpler ways to explore already bought content.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that it will drop the Kinect motion tracking system from the retail package of the Xbox One, while also dropping its price to 399 dollars or Euro.

Sony needs to react and make its own devices more appealing in order to make sure that it keeps its lead in terms of sales.

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